If you're into history, culture or selfies in exotic locales, Angkor Wat probably commands a top spot on your travel bucket list. It certainly was at the top of mine until I woke up at 3am... braved a tuk-tuk ride through Siem Reap in utter darkness and arrived for that fabled sunrise-over-the-temples moment. 

Pinterest and every guidebook ever tricked me into believing I would be rewarded with this type of magical serenity for my early morning pilgrimage:

angkor wat at sunrise travel

Instead, as I waited in the pitch dark for that bucket list moment I suddenly got the feeling that I wasn't exactly alone in my endeavor. Yep, not even close. 

THIS is what it felt like... Just me, 1,000 of my closest friends and their selfie sticks:

crowd at angkor wat temples travel backpack

The most famous sites always seem to leave me disappointed, whereas small cultural moments and spontaneous interactions with locals are the memories that stick with me. 

Which is why we think our friends over at This World Rocks nailed it with THIS list of 17 destinations that not only top your bucket list, but the bucket list of pretty much every other human on earth. 

What's on your bucket list? Have you ever been disappointed after traveling around the world in search of a "must-see" destination? Tell us about it in the comments, below!