This is a man that has to be one of human history’s greatest individual travelers and he’s done his journey completely under the radar. No blog, phone, Facebook... he’s not looking for any accolades

This incredible (and inspiring) video tells Gunther's story.

Back in 1989, as the Berlin Wall fell, Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine set out on what was meant to be an 18-month tour of Africa in their Mercedes Benz G Wagen. 

In 2007 the couple drove to Thailand.

In 2007 the couple drove to Thailand.

Now, with more than 800,000km (500,000 miles) on the clock (155k of which were off-road), Gunther is still going. 

For those of us who are bad at math (like me!) that means he's driven so many miles, he's actually circled the globe TWENTY times. 

Yep, that's a pretty long road trip.

In Myanmar.

In Myanmar.

But the coolest part in my mind is how under the radar Gunther is. Like the video says, he's not looking for recognition, sponsorship or accolades -- which is a pretty cool way to travel: for travel's sake. 

Click on the map, below, to get a better look at everywhere Otto's journey has taken Gunther and friends.

Gunther Holtorf Travel Map Mercedes


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