A possibility in Rurrenebaque and around, but medication isn't absolutely necessary if you're going to be there less than two weeks. Bring bug spray and make sure your accommodations have nets in this area. Read more in our Mosquito Survival Guide.

Food & Water.

Don't drink the water and watch out for food poisoning. 


Take it VERY easy for the first few days – it’s common to have a terrible headache before acclimatizing and many take altitude sickness medicine before they even land. Ask your doctor, especially if you have asthma – my companion on this trip spent the majority of her time huffing and puffing up and down mountains like an asthmatic champion.


Fairly safe for travelers by regional standards. There have been reports of violent crime, but rarely towards tourists (if ever) aside from a few late-night muggings. Watch for petty thieves on public buses and in markets. I did experience a few opportunists trying to sell “entry tickets” to hiking trails on Isla del Sol but they were easily brushed aside if approached confidently.


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Often corrupt or prejudiced towards the backpacker set. Don't assume they're on your side.  Overall very lax, but there have been nightmare stories of foreigners imprisoned in the famous La Paz prison, which has become a tourist destination in and of itself thanks to the book, “Marching Powder”.