Amber Charbonneau

Amber Charbonneau 

Next destination: Barcelona 

Travel Prowess: Novice/ intermediate traveler 

Favorite Trip To Date: Costa Rica, the first trip I ever took with friends rather than family... I got to celebrate my 18th birthday zip lining! 

I am graduated from college this May and am looking for advice on affordable traveling! How do you balance the art of traveling while at the same time thinking long term about building a career and making money? I really want to travel and teach english abroad but i'm worried that I should focus on finding a steady job or pursuing a career instead. 




ALSO, love the site!... it really fills a void that has yet to be adequately filled or dealt with on the Internet. 

Hi Amber!! This is something I've been struggling with for YEARS. Doing what's expected (getting an internship, a good job, climbing up the ladder) and balancing it with the things I really love. I've been incredibly lucky (or crafty depending on how you look at it) managing to work for one of the top advertising agencies while still finding time to teach english abroad. I'm planning to disclose exactly how I pulled this off as I further develop the site, and I promise you'll be the first to know (by the end of the week)

I'd like to travel but...: I don't have enough vacation days

Here's your chance to drop us a line...: I will be quitting my job and moving to Antigua, Guatemala in October to join my girlfriend as she takes on the challenge of making her first documentary. We will be living there and traveling locally for a few months before doing some backpacking in Central & South America. Any tips for some first time backpackers? Also, any info on Guatemala and any great places in Central & South America are appreciated. 

I just came across this site via FB and really enjoy what you have going so far. Love the concept.

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Name - Joe Barron
Next Destination - Guatemala, Central & South America TBD
Travel Experience Level (Novice, Intermediate, Expert) - Novice to Intermediate
Favorite Trip To Date - Cost Rica - Arenal, Tamarindo, Rincon de la
vieja, Playa Avellana, & more. Friendliest People!

nstagram is JDB0417


Tell Us What You Want To See: I want to see beauty.

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Here's your chance to drop us a line...: Give me some travel advice. Which counrty is the best place to drink in the shower?

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